Z MEDIA Corporate CommunicationsThe letter Z in our corporate name has a special meaning, ofcourse: founder and owner of Z MEDIA is Oliver M. Zielinski.

In his professional carreer as a journalist and banker he met many firms that were undoubtedly specialists in their field of action. But the lack of communications strategies and abilities prevented them from being more successful in marketing their great products and services. Especially the wonderful opportunities of electronic media were used reluctantly or ineffectively. To change that, Oliver M. Zielinski founded the "Bureau for electronic communications" in April 1996. He called it Z(ielinski) MEDIA.

Oliver M. Zielinski

Z MEDIA's founder Oliver M. Zielinski

No Stopping from the Beginning

Henceforth Z MEDIA has supported especially smaller and medium businesses. From simple business cards through to press services and annual business reports - winds of change were blowing in the clients' offices. In the first instance Z MEDIA concentrated on text, graphics and consulting.

  • Already in 1996 - even before the beginn of the online boom - Z MEDIA started to discover a new marketing channel for its customers: the internet. Planning and producing websites has been a solid part of the agency's offer from that time on.
  • In 2002 Z MEDIA concentrated the photography activities of the agency and founded PrimePhoto studios. PrimePhoto did everything for the agency's clients from corporate head shots through to product photos and event documentations.
  • The continual shaping of the company's profile lead to the result, that from 2004 on also training lessons for several communication topics belong to the product portfolio of Z MEDIA
  • From 2005 Z MEDIA also focused on conceptual work in the areas of public relations, marketing and corporate planning. The bandwidth of the concepts spreads from corporate design guidelines to complete business plans.
  • For the success of English speaking clients on German markets in 2006 Z MEDIA founded GermanoMedia to transfer their publications into excellent German
  • The co-ordination of marketing activities and corporate communications at enditec GmbH and its trade marks Ofenexperte.deĀ® and BBQexperte was a special challenge for Z MEDIA – from 2009 on the agency has developed a complete system from the first idea into its marketable commodity and made it a success. Today Z MEDIA supervises public relations at enditec.
  • After an extensive ride of training and preparation Z MEDIA in 2013 gave its photography service PrimePhoto a relaunch. Now it focuses mainly on high quality real estate photography.