Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Z MEDIA Translates Successful E-book „Lighting 101“

Grundkurs Blitzen (Lighting 101)Z MEDIA has transferred the newest version of „Lighting 101“ into German. It is the successful e-book of renowned U.S. press photographer and photography instructor David Hobby, a.k.a. „The Strobist“. From 2006 on more than 4 million aspiring photographers have studied this book to make their own flash photos looking more professional. At the end the book became a project of editorial service GermanoMedia, operated by Z MEDIA for their English language clients.

On 63 pages Hobby explains all the basic techniques for better flash images. He insists on the use the flash off-camera which means that it is not directly mounted on top of the camera. This way his images get a threedimensional look.

On the Contents

At the beginning he explains how to build a mobile and efficient photo studio with little investment. Indeed he restricts the equipment on the basics and shows at the same moment how impressive results that can be achieved this way. Furthermore Hobby shows several lighting techniques and restricts mostly on using one simple flashgun.

Of special interest are his techniques of  balancing existing light to provide his photo with more depth.

At the end of the book the author explains with own examples how impressive lighting situations can be repeated. After that the reader is able to read every light and to reconstruct it with some simple equipment.

The Co-operation

Working with David proved to be very straight and solicitous. Translation and design have been done within a week. The publication of the German version of Oliver M. Zielinski has been postponed for a few weeks because David has attended Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai together with other renowned photographers like Joe McNally, Gregory Heisler, Zack Arias, Lindsay Adler, Joel Grimes and RC Concepcion. After his return everything went on very quick. Communication went efficiently via Twitter and data transfer easily via Dropbox.

The German version of this book can be downloaded here.

About David Hobby – Strobist

David Hobby is a press photographer from the U.S. successfully operating his photography blog Strobist.com for about eight years. There he explains lighting techniques for photo enthusiasts. Every month his blog has 300,000 readers from 175 countries. In 2010 it belonged to the top 25 blogs of Time Magazine.